Network Wellness healing Center


Congratulations on taking this first step toward better health and improved quality of life!

On this website you will find great information about Network Chiropractic. When you begin Network Chiropractic Care you will be exploring the incredible healing power of your body, your own Innate Healing Potential. During this process, Dr. Roizer will be your healing coach. You will have the opportunity to gain a healthier, more flexible spine and develop long-term strategies for reclaiming YOUR POWER FOR YOUR HEALTH. Taking responsibility is the core of health and peace!

Your healing with Network Care begins with gentle, honoring, light force adjustments to reduce abnormal spinal cord tension. As your body begins to re-awaken you may observe many changes in your physical, mental, and emotional systems.

We look forward to participating in your exciting journey of healing.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. William Zev Roizer


East side: 420 East 81th St. Suite 1

Midtown: 57 West 57 St, Suite 1204

Armonk, NY: 430 Bedford Road, Unit RT22, Suite 203

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